Thank You Moon Valley!!!

I truly appreciate the overwhelmingly positive support that has come with my candidacy for Justice of the Peace - Moon Valley!

To everyone from family and friends, donors, the new faces met during the campaign process, the MV community as a whole and even the haters...I am grateful, proud, excited, you name it! - to have received the Republican nomination for JOP-MV for the general election!

The HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of hard work, sweat, and effort put in by both myself and volunteers have come through in the results above, and I cannot thank each and every one of you for your help and in sharing this victory!


However...there is still work to be done.


Vote Attorney Michael IRISH for Justice of the Peace on November 3, 2020!


To donate, please go to the Donate Page and use the PayPal link.


If you prefer to send a check, would like to volunteer or otherwise help, please contact Irish for Justice at:

Only personal checks may be accepted and must be made payable to Irish for Justice.

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Paid for and Authorized by Irish for Justice

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Reach out here!