WHat is The Justice of the Peace?

The Justice is the presiding judge of the small claims, justice and criminal misdemeanor courts. The Court hears civil cases (less than $10,000), small claims, evictions, criminal misdemeanors, civil traffic cases, and also grants orders of protection. A Justice of the Peace also has the power to marry individuals.

The only "qualifications" for a Justice of the Peace is that one be 18 years of age and can read and write English. Having a legal background is NOT required, but should strongly be considered when voting for candidates. It would make sense that a Judge in a courtroom should have experience within the law, so as to be able to preside over the court while also competently analyzing and interpreting the law within the cases presented.

The Moon Valley Justice Court spans roughly from 7th St to 35th Ave between Union Hills and Glendale Ave. The Mission of the Maricopa County Justice Courts is to provide professional Judicial Services to court users so they can obtain timely and economical justice within their community.


What sets Michael Irish apart is that Irish is the only licensed attorney in the MV-JOP race! Besides the years of experience as a lawyer providing knowledge of the law, procedure, potential scenarios and outcomes, etc, over his legal career, Mr. Irish has represented parties in a variety of courtrooms (including Justice Court). This background gives Attorney Irish additional experience which cannot otherwise be obtained, making Attorney Michael Irish the candidate most deserving of your vote for Justice of the Peace - Moon Valley on November 3, 2020!


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