A vote for Irish isn’t just good luck,

It’s the smart move!
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Michael is a native Arizonan, born and raised in Moon Valley since 1985, in addition to being all-Arizona educated. Since 2011, Michael has practiced law in Phoenix, concentrating on real estate and business. Attorney Irish's practice has focused on contracts, including commercial and residential leases and business litigation. Michael has also practiced in Justice Court, to which he is now looking to preside over!

Michael backs the blue while also being the only licensed AZ attorney in the JOP race! A natural leader within the community, Michael can serve Moon Valley to ensure all parties can be fairly heard while exercising their constitutional rights. Mr. Irish is, and always has been, a proud member of the Republican Party.


A vote for Irish isn’t just good luck, it’s the SMART MOVE!

ATTORNEY Michael B. Irish

What is the JP?

The Justice of the Peace is the presiding judge of the small claims, justice and criminal misdemeanor courts. The Court hears civil cases (less than $10,000), small claims, evictions, civil traffic cases, criminal misdemeanors, and also grants orders of protection. A Justice of the Peace also has the power to marry couples.

Moon Valley


For the Justice Court to have the  necessary legal training and experience  to understand, interpret and apply the laws of the State of Arizona.


To provide the people of Moon Valley with an unbiased trier of fact within the Justice Court.


To do what is legal, right and just within the law to best serve the Justice Court and the people of Moon Valley.


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